Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calvary Squadron (Praetorian Lancers)

This is an overview photo of the Praetorian Lancer Calvary Squadron, which consists of (3) Lancers Troops, a Scout Section and a Horse Artillery Autocannon.
The (3) Troopes of Lancers each are 6-man units, with a Vox-caster, Sergaent and (4) lancers. Each Troope is modelled differently; Troope A is shown in a Gallop, Troope B at a canter and Troope C at rest with lances upright. Troope C is not fully painted. These are not GW-miniatures, but have been retrofitted with GW power lances, LasCarbines, chainswords and bitz.
The Scout Section is a 3-Man unit with (2) LasCarbines and a Stormbolter.
The Horse Artillery Unit is a single Autocannon, and is modelled both with limbered caisson, cannon and crew and with unlimbered autocannon team on the attack.
Future Plans may include a 6-Man Troope of armoured Dragoons charging forward with chainswords drawn, or a Squadron HQ Section; do not know at this point.....

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  1. Good looking army here. Always nice to see another Praetorian force on the blogs.