Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Rifle Platoon

This is an over-view photo of the 1st Rifle Platoon, 22nd Praetorian Rifles. This consists of a HQ Section, Rifle Squad A, Rifle Squad B, Rifle Squad C and the Heavy Weapon Section.
The Command Section is a five-man unit, and includes the Platoon Lieutenant, Vox Caster, Platoon Psion, Standard-Bearer (without standard yet) and Special Weapon (Gernade Launcher).
Each of the 11-man Rifle Squads includes a Sergeant, 9-Riflemen (including one equipt as either a Vox Caster (Squads A and B) or as a Medic (Squad C), and a Special Weapon (Gernade Launcher, Melta and Flames for each respective Squad).
The Heavy Weapon Section consists of (3) Heavy Bolters.

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  1. Very nice. I love to see Praetorian armies. Especially ones this well done. Nice job!