Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pioneer (Scouts and Engineers) Platoon

This is the 22nd Praetorian Scout and Engineers (Assault Pioneer) Platoon. This platoon is comprised of a HQ Section, (9) 2-Man Scout Teams, (1) Combat Engineer Squad, (1) Combat Engineer Heavy Flamer Squad and (1) Assualt Cyclops Squadron.
The HQ Section is a 4-Man Unit; Platoon Lieutenant, Vox-Caster and a 2-Man Sniper Team.
The Scout Element of the platoon contains (9) 2-Man Teams; (4) Sniper teams, (4) Hunter/Killer Rocket Teams and (1) Heavy-Bolter Team. An Assault Cyclops squadron of (4) StormBolter-armed remote-controlled Cyclops and a controller, round out the scouts.
The Engineer Element of the platoon contains a 5-Man Combat Engineer Squad and a 5-Man Heavy Flamer Squad. These model are from the ForgeWorld DKoK Line.

22nd Praetorian Armoured Cavalry Squadron

This is the 22nd Armoured Cavalry Squadron, which consists of (3) Sentinel Troops, (1) Badger Scout Troop, and a single Badger Rocket Support Vehicle.

The (3) Sentinel Troops each consist of (3) Sentinels. Troop A (Command) is lead by a Sergaent with a LasCannon and H/K. A Sentinel with Multi-Las and Heavy Flamer and a Sentinel with Multi-Las and Chain-sword complete the Troop. Troop B (Tactical) consists of (3) Sentinels armed with Multi-Las and Heavy Flamers. Troop C (Heavy Suppot) consist of (3) Centurion-Pattern Sentinels, each armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters.

The Badger is a tracked scout vehicle, armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Stubbers. The Rocket Heavy-Suppot variant has a towed Rocket Launcher with (4) Rockets and Improved Comm.