Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calvary Squadron (Praetorian Lancers)

This is an overview photo of the Praetorian Lancer Calvary Squadron, which consists of (3) Lancers Troops, a Scout Section and a Horse Artillery Autocannon.
The (3) Troopes of Lancers each are 6-man units, with a Vox-caster, Sergaent and (4) lancers. Each Troope is modelled differently; Troope A is shown in a Gallop, Troope B at a canter and Troope C at rest with lances upright. Troope C is not fully painted. These are not GW-miniatures, but have been retrofitted with GW power lances, LasCarbines, chainswords and bitz.
The Scout Section is a 3-Man unit with (2) LasCarbines and a Stormbolter.
The Horse Artillery Unit is a single Autocannon, and is modelled both with limbered caisson, cannon and crew and with unlimbered autocannon team on the attack.
Future Plans may include a 6-Man Troope of armoured Dragoons charging forward with chainswords drawn, or a Squadron HQ Section; do not know at this point.....

Armour Squadron

This is an over-view photo of the 22nd Regimental Armour Squadron, consisting of (currently) 4 vehicles; (3) Leman Russ MBT's and one converted Scout vehicle.

Future plans include a Centuar APC with an Armoured Fist Squad and a Malacador Heavy Tank to round out the squadron.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Artillery Platoon

This is an over-view photo of the Praetorian Artillery Company.

The company consists of a HQ Section, (2) 3-team Las Cannon Batteries and a Mortar Battery. I am in the process of assembling a crew for the future Thudd-gun which will round out this company.

The HQ Section includes the Company Lieutenant and a staffer at the desk and the Vox-caster manning the storm-bolter.

Two batteries of 3 Las Cannon Teams and a battery of Mortar provide heavy support.

Highlander Grenadier Platoon

This is an over-view photo of the Highlander Platoon, Which Consists of a 4-Man Highland Pipe and Drum Section, (2) 11-man Highlander Grenadier Squads, and (2) 6-Model Ogryn Squads.

The Pipe and Drums are not painted yet. These are non-GW minitures, retrofitted with LasRifles and GW Bits.

The Highlander Squads are also not GW mini's, but are likewise converted with Forgeworld weapondry; Hellguns, Meltas and Plasma and the occastional Chain-Claymore for good measure. Each 11-man Squad includes a Sergeant and a Veteran, (2) Meltas, (2) Plasma and (5) Hellguns (including a hellgunner modelled as either a bag-piper or drummer/Vox Caster).
The Ogryn Squads have a Highlander Sergeant and (5) Ogryns; each squad is equipt differently - one is armed with (3) LasCannons and (2) MultiLas, including the Company Banner, and the other is equipt with a Flamer and (4) Ogryn Bluderbusses (Used to represent Rippers).

2nd Rifle Platoon

Much like the 1st Rifle Platoon, the 2nd Rifle Platoon is comprised of a 5-Man HQ Section, (3) 11-Man Rifle Squads, and a (3) Team Heavy Weapon Section.

The HQ Section has a Company Lieutenant (with PowerFist), Psion, Vox Caster, Buglar, and Special Weapon (Storm-Bolter).

Each Rifle Squad has a Sergeant, 9 Riflemen (including on equipt either as a Vox Caster (Squads A and B) or as a Medic (Squad C), and a Special Weapon (Melta, Melta and Gernade Launcher for each respective Rifle Squad).

The Heavy Weapon Section consists of (3) Heavy Bolters. This Squad is not painted yet, and is awaiting some plastic artillery wheels.

1st Rifle Platoon

This is an over-view photo of the 1st Rifle Platoon, 22nd Praetorian Rifles. This consists of a HQ Section, Rifle Squad A, Rifle Squad B, Rifle Squad C and the Heavy Weapon Section.
The Command Section is a five-man unit, and includes the Platoon Lieutenant, Vox Caster, Platoon Psion, Standard-Bearer (without standard yet) and Special Weapon (Gernade Launcher).
Each of the 11-man Rifle Squads includes a Sergeant, 9-Riflemen (including one equipt as either a Vox Caster (Squads A and B) or as a Medic (Squad C), and a Special Weapon (Gernade Launcher, Melta and Flames for each respective Squad).
The Heavy Weapon Section consists of (3) Heavy Bolters.


Hello to all you out there in cyber-land. My name is Michael and this is my blog about my 40k Imperial Guard - Praetorian army. I do not actually play the game all that much, but very much enjoy collecting, customizing and painting the miniatures. To this end, this army does not strive to be a 'legal' GW tourney army, nor do I have any army lists. I try my best, but by no means consider myself a 'pro-painter'.

I've been collecting this army for several years now, and love the miniatures from GW; the feel and look of the Victorian / Steam-punk-esque theme is so very much unlike most of the other Games Workshop armies.

In this blog I will hopefully provide pictures of the various units in this army. I am open for comments on how I might improve, etc.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this blog and I look forward to showing off my army. Enjoy.