Monday, March 9, 2009

Highlander Grenadier Platoon

This is an over-view photo of the Highlander Platoon, Which Consists of a 4-Man Highland Pipe and Drum Section, (2) 11-man Highlander Grenadier Squads, and (2) 6-Model Ogryn Squads.

The Pipe and Drums are not painted yet. These are non-GW minitures, retrofitted with LasRifles and GW Bits.

The Highlander Squads are also not GW mini's, but are likewise converted with Forgeworld weapondry; Hellguns, Meltas and Plasma and the occastional Chain-Claymore for good measure. Each 11-man Squad includes a Sergeant and a Veteran, (2) Meltas, (2) Plasma and (5) Hellguns (including a hellgunner modelled as either a bag-piper or drummer/Vox Caster).
The Ogryn Squads have a Highlander Sergeant and (5) Ogryns; each squad is equipt differently - one is armed with (3) LasCannons and (2) MultiLas, including the Company Banner, and the other is equipt with a Flamer and (4) Ogryn Bluderbusses (Used to represent Rippers).


  1. These are awesome, can I ask what line the models are and how well do they fit with the GW stuff? Keep up the great work!!

  2. Greeting Marshal Argos,

    Thanks for the comment. The Highlander Minis are from the Foundry Crimean War Range, kitted out with Fordge World Elysian Weapons and assorted GW bitz. The Ogryns are from the GW Fantasy range with 40k Weapondry. I hope to add some better pix in the near future.