Monday, March 9, 2009

2nd Rifle Platoon

Much like the 1st Rifle Platoon, the 2nd Rifle Platoon is comprised of a 5-Man HQ Section, (3) 11-Man Rifle Squads, and a (3) Team Heavy Weapon Section.

The HQ Section has a Company Lieutenant (with PowerFist), Psion, Vox Caster, Buglar, and Special Weapon (Storm-Bolter).

Each Rifle Squad has a Sergeant, 9 Riflemen (including on equipt either as a Vox Caster (Squads A and B) or as a Medic (Squad C), and a Special Weapon (Melta, Melta and Gernade Launcher for each respective Rifle Squad).

The Heavy Weapon Section consists of (3) Heavy Bolters. This Squad is not painted yet, and is awaiting some plastic artillery wheels.

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