Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Air Mobile - Vulture Stand-In

Here are some photos of the Work-in-Progress of the HMAS Galliant, which is a Bromhead-Class Anti-Grav Attack ship (a Vulture Equivalent). This design has the same look and feel of the Valkyrie / Vendetta equal - similar deck (except with no "door-gunner" stations), same engine/tail section. The main difference is the "hull", which is considerable smaller, due to the fact that there is no troop-carring capacity. In addition, there is a nose-mounted Heavy Bolter. The Galliant will have side "wings", which will have magnetized hard-points for the mounting of either the Punisher cannons, or other weapon fit-outs (such as H/K Missiles, Rocket Pods, Las Cannons, etc.)

Side View of the HMAS Galliant, showing the smaller Hull and nose-mounted Heavy Bolter.

Top view Comparrision between the Valk/Vendetta (left) and the Vulture (Right).

Bottom view comparison between the Valk/Vendetta (left) and Vulture (right).

Back-view of the HMAS Galliant, showing the reduced hull, the rear door and the nose-mounted heavy bolter.

Detail of the Nose-Mounted Bolter. This too is magnetized.