Wednesday, May 27, 2009

22nd Praetorian Armoured Cavalry Squadron

This is the 22nd Armoured Cavalry Squadron, which consists of (3) Sentinel Troops, (1) Badger Scout Troop, and a single Badger Rocket Support Vehicle.

The (3) Sentinel Troops each consist of (3) Sentinels. Troop A (Command) is lead by a Sergaent with a LasCannon and H/K. A Sentinel with Multi-Las and Heavy Flamer and a Sentinel with Multi-Las and Chain-sword complete the Troop. Troop B (Tactical) consists of (3) Sentinels armed with Multi-Las and Heavy Flamers. Troop C (Heavy Suppot) consist of (3) Centurion-Pattern Sentinels, each armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters.

The Badger is a tracked scout vehicle, armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Stubbers. The Rocket Heavy-Suppot variant has a towed Rocket Launcher with (4) Rockets and Improved Comm.


  1. They're brilliant, love the Badgers, where did you get them from?

  2. Thanks Col. Corbane. The Badger is a modified Tamiya Model - 1/48 Scale Kettenkraftrad (WWII German). They run about $15.00 (including Shipping) on eBay. I "Praetorianized" it with GW Crew, bitz and custom Twin-linked Heavy-Stubber. Thanks again for looking!

  3. Wow, really love these conversions. I've always liked the look of the Kettenkrad, but couldn't picture it. Very helpful to see what you've done with them here!

  4. do you actually play with them? If so how do you and with what rules and what do your opponents think of them. They are brilliant and beautiful bytheway!!