Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pioneer (Scouts and Engineers) Platoon

This is the 22nd Praetorian Scout and Engineers (Assault Pioneer) Platoon. This platoon is comprised of a HQ Section, (9) 2-Man Scout Teams, (1) Combat Engineer Squad, (1) Combat Engineer Heavy Flamer Squad and (1) Assualt Cyclops Squadron.
The HQ Section is a 4-Man Unit; Platoon Lieutenant, Vox-Caster and a 2-Man Sniper Team.
The Scout Element of the platoon contains (9) 2-Man Teams; (4) Sniper teams, (4) Hunter/Killer Rocket Teams and (1) Heavy-Bolter Team. An Assault Cyclops squadron of (4) StormBolter-armed remote-controlled Cyclops and a controller, round out the scouts.
The Engineer Element of the platoon contains a 5-Man Combat Engineer Squad and a 5-Man Heavy Flamer Squad. These model are from the ForgeWorld DKoK Line.

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