Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Air Mobile - Vulture Stand-In

Here are some photos of the Work-in-Progress of the HMAS Galliant, which is a Bromhead-Class Anti-Grav Attack ship (a Vulture Equivalent). This design has the same look and feel of the Valkyrie / Vendetta equal - similar deck (except with no "door-gunner" stations), same engine/tail section. The main difference is the "hull", which is considerable smaller, due to the fact that there is no troop-carring capacity. In addition, there is a nose-mounted Heavy Bolter. The Galliant will have side "wings", which will have magnetized hard-points for the mounting of either the Punisher cannons, or other weapon fit-outs (such as H/K Missiles, Rocket Pods, Las Cannons, etc.)

Side View of the HMAS Galliant, showing the smaller Hull and nose-mounted Heavy Bolter.

Top view Comparrision between the Valk/Vendetta (left) and the Vulture (Right).

Bottom view comparison between the Valk/Vendetta (left) and Vulture (right).

Back-view of the HMAS Galliant, showing the reduced hull, the rear door and the nose-mounted heavy bolter.

Detail of the Nose-Mounted Bolter. This too is magnetized.


  1. That's bloody genius, Bromhead-Class! Totally original, custom stuff, mate. I'm blown away, please get these painted proper with some detail pics.


  2. Perfectly, magnificiently exemplary of how to use the inspirational, rich WH40K setting in a creative, original, *personal* way!
    Hope you'll enlighten at least some of the GWshoppers.

    (Btw, the 'Follow' utility does not appears to be 'active'?)

  3. Very, very nice.
    I hope it isn't a problem if I steal your idea for an Victorian/Pulp army and build an similar airship.

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