Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Air Mobile - Praetorian Style

Not the the Valkyrie / Vendetta models are not utterly fantanstic (because they are), and in no way is offense intended towards other Praetorian Armies (such as those of the honorable Col. Gravis or Crazy Red Praetorian) that field the Valks, but to me the Valkyrie does not quite have that "Praetorian" feel to it. Just too high-tech, IMHO.

But what is a Praetorian Officer to do? (Especially one such as I that has limited funds). Well, I pondered and pondered this very question, with little success in nearling an answer, until one day I was cleaning out my shed. Going through some of my old gaming stuff, I happened across some books for the Space 1899 RPG. And there in my dusty and disorganized shed, I had an epiphany, in the form of the Aphid-Class anti-Grav gunboat.

I put my over-ambitious imagination to work, and tested my meager scratch-building talents to their fullest. Before you is the result: The HMAS Dauntless, a Chard-Class Anti-Grav Assault Airship. (Sorry for the Rourke's Drift reference - I couldn't resist).

The Dauntless is currently equipped as a Vendetta-Equivalent, although throught the use of magnets, I will be able to do weapon swaps to configure it as either a Vendetta or a Valkyrie, once I purchase the right bitz.

As Equipped, it matches a standard Vendetta: (3) Twin-Linked Las Cannons, (2) Heavy Bolters (aka Door-Gunners) and a 12-Man Squad carrying capacity.

The crew of the Dauntless is N+1 over the standard Vendetta: Helm, Gunner and (2) door-gunners, with the additional crew member being the Captain (in his spiffy trench coat).

So, what ya think?


  1. This is superb, mate!

    Are you able to produce more of them, or is it a unique piece? Also, where did you get the crew from?

  2. Hey Admiral. Yes, I've been cutting cardboard fevorishly and glueing my fingers together for several weeks now, in order to produce (2) more Valks and even one Vulture-Equal. I'll post some picts soon. The crew was from the Perry Brother's Sudan line. The Captain is from Reaper I believe. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Very nicely done! I have to admit I snagged one of the GW kits with some store credit I had, but these look so much better for the Praetorians... Are you using templates from somewhere or are they yours? Thanks!

  4. other Kevin, Thanks

    pchappel, Thank you also. Like I said, the GW Valk is one of the coolest models ever, but I agree - these are more "Praetorian". The Templates I am using are of my own creation. Used AutoCAD at work to get all the angles to work and such. A lot of trail and error, but functional.

  5. Ah AutoCad :-) It's been a LONG time since I last used that, but it looks like I will get back to that then. Thinking I'll start with the "Dauntless" class and see how it turns out, though your "Aphid" looks pretty much perfect..

  6. I say, old man, I don't suppose there is a chance someone could convince you to send out the AutoCAD file, eh? The memsahib is an engineer, and has access to both AutoCAD and a spiffing big plotter, you see. I've been working on my own Aphid-style conversions, and not much luck, I am afraid. Let me know, would you? aethergraph@gmail.com

  7. Very good, I saw an article/link over on VBIR and having checked into your Blog find this Spiffing Aeronef.

    Once again very well done.


  8. Excellent! Great idea to span the Vers's !!!

  9. Just stumbled over your blog by accident and still stunned by your brilliant, amazing, cool Airships. Please keep up the work and show us the whole squadron soon - I can't wait to see more pic's :-)

  10. Straight up AWESOME!
    Do you have plans for the other Aircraft?