Friday, November 4, 2011

Air Mobile - Fighter Support

Hi all! Sorry it has been such a long time since last post - Work and Life just has a crazy way of taking over and not giving much time for the good things - like painting and posting. The Air Mobile effort continues, with all the Valk / Vendetta / Vulture stand-ins nearing completion (more on these to follow), but I've taken a small detour - in the form of a Praetorian Fighter (perhaps a Lightning Stand-In, although the weapon fit-outs are slightly different).

The inspiration for this is the WW1 British DH-2, which effectively ended the "Fokker scourge" of the early part of the war. It is a pusher-type bi-plane (prop in the rear) as it was before the Brits had developed an Interrupter Gear, to sequence a forward firing machine gun with the propeller. Here is a top-view of the Praetorian DH-2, along with the insipration.

The Praetorian DH-2 mounts a pair of linked Heavy-Bolters on either side of the cock-pit (for which I used a Sentinel cock-pit). Furthermore, the wings provide 2 hard-points for mounting of a varity of weapon configuations - Rocket pods, Las Cannons or H/K Missiles. The Wing mounts and weapons are all magnetized (similar to what I've done for the Praetorian Valk/Vendettas), to allow for quick weapon swapping.

The mighty Tank-Hunting DH-2 with twin-linked Las-Cannons configuation. The plane-holder is an inverted plastic champagne glass. There is a built-in insert on the underside of the plane to allow the insertion of the holder.

Hunter/Killer Missile version. The piolet has been retro-fitted with a spare Praetorian head and a white scarf made from green-stuff.

A view from the rear. The propeller is a GW flying-base that I turned in a drill and scuffed using a little bit of sandpaper to give it the appearence of a spinning prop.

I need to finish it up with some details, such as the Red-White and Blue circle and perhaps some squadron identification markings / numbering. I am thinking of doing up a second fighter to create a small fighter squadron. If any are interested, I can do a step-by-step complete with templates, etc. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


  1. They have so much character! My favourite part is the sentinel cock-pit. You will have to do a third to complete the look. Beautiful style!

  2. step by steps are always appreciated. The airships are great and these little biplanes make great escorts.

  3. Would it be possible to get a copy of your valkerie/vendetta CAD files? I would like to have a go at making my own as well. I have tried making my own templates based on your photos but they are just not turning out the way I want. I think it would be a cool idea to make that the standard for Praetorian Armies. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.